Adams Radio Group CEO Ron Stone Featured in RadioInk Magazine

Ron Stone, the CEO and President of Adams Radio Group, a small to medium market local radio station company was recently featured on the cover of RadioInk Magazine, a leading publication in the radio broadcasting industry.

Stone’s company owns radio stations in 5 markets including OC104, Kool Oldies, Big 107.7, US 98.5 and 93.5 The Beach in the Salisbury-Ocean City market.

The article describes Stone as “honest, passionate, successful” and details his passion for the broadcasting industry which began at a young age.

Stone began his radio career at a young age after graduating from East Carolina University in 1984.

The Adams Radio Group CEO describes his “most proud career achievement” as “putting together a great group of leaders for the Radio Cares event and getting 3,400 independent radio stations to participate to help Feeding America.” Adams Radio Group of Delmarva Peninsula participated in the radiothon, which raised $500,000 for Feeding America.

Stone describes how COVID-19 has impacted the radio industry. “I know some people say this is the final blow for radio, but I don’t believe that. I think local radio still matters. I see what radio has done in the past weeks to serve local communities, and they have done a excellent job from coast to coast.” Stone said.