All Maryland Jurisdictions Meet 10% COVID-19 Testing Threshold

Maryland Governor Larry Hogan has announced that all 24 of Maryland’s jurisdictions have met the state’s 10% COVID-19 testing goal.

Somerset, Dorchester, Kent and Talbot Counties, four Eastern Shore jurisdictions lead the state, with all having at or over 20% of their populations being tested.

“Our aggressive statewide testing strategy is helping us to understand, identify, and stop the spread of this virus, and I want to commend all of our local jurisdictions for stepping up to meet our goal of testing 10% of their populations.” the Governor said.

With announcing the 10% testing goal, the statewide COVID-19 positivity rate has fallen to 4.47%.

The Governor’s office also announced that more than half, 56% of new COVID-19 cases in Maryland are those under the age of 40.