BREAKING NEWS: Dozens Arrested and Towed During Pop-Up Car Rally in Ocean City

The Ocean City Police Department with the assistance of numerous law enforcement agencies have made dozens of arrests and towed dozens of vehicles over the course of the weekend.

An unsanctioned, pop-up car rally, the remnants of the formerly annual car show “H2Oi” is taking place in the resort town with hundreds of motorists from countless states roaring into town.

According to the Ocean City Police Department, nearly 200 cars have been towed, 89 people have been arrested and law enforcement have conducted over 700 traffic stops just on Thursday and Friday.

In a statement to Delmarva News Network, Ocean City Mayor Rick Meehan said “This is just not acceptable.” He continued “Unfortunately, increased enforcement will cause inconveniences for all of us, but we must work together to address the problems we’ve experienced in the past.”

A special events zone is in place, meaning speed limits are decreased and fines are increased along Coastal Highway and in and around the town of Ocean City.

Law enforcement agencies from Queen Anne’s County all the way to Ocean City are increasing their presence and enforcement.

The car rally is expected to end on Sunday.