Georgetown, Milford, Millsboro Among Delaware’s COVID-19 Hotspots

The latest zip code data from the Delaware Department of Health and Social Services identifies three Sussex County communities as novel coronavirus (COVID-19) hotspots.

As of Monday, April 20, 2020, Georgetown, Milford and Millsboro have disproportionately high concentrations of COVID-19 cases. Georgetown has between 126 and 150 cases. Milford also has between 126 and 150 cases. Millsboro has between 126 and 150 cases.

The only zip code with more cases is New Castle, which has between 176 and 200 cases.

For comparison, Rehoboth Beach has between 26 and 50 coronavirus cases.

Georgetown, Milford and Millsboro account for nearly half of Sussex County’s 1,055 cases of COVID-19.