How Crude Oil Prices Impact Delmarva Gas Prices

As U.S. crude oil prices fell into the negative territory on Monday, Delmarva residents have been questioning how this will impact gasoline prices.

While crude oil prices dropping won’t have a direct impact on gasoline prices, AAA Mid-Atlantic says low gas demand will.

As Delaware, Maryland and Virginia have stay at home orders in effect, with all non essential workers remaining at home, the demand for gasoline has hit record lows.

Locally, Dorchester County has the cheapest average for a gallon of regular at $1.82.  The most expensive is Wicomico County an average of $1.98 for a gallon of regular.

The national average for a gallon of regular sits at $1.81, with Delaware’s average at $1.82, Maryland at $1.93 and Virginia at $1.73.