Lewes Firefighter Suspended, Investigated Over Homophobic Facebook Post

The Lewes Fire Department has announced the suspension of Bill Buckaloo, a firefighter with the department after he made a social media post using a homophobic slur.

The post made by Buckaloo on Sunday evening said “The s**t I get talked in to….Matt, talked us to go to a f****t show!” (Expletives deleted)

The statement was apparently made in reference to a drag queen show at Blue Moon, a restaurant in Rehoboth Beach.

The drag queen who performed, Magnolia Applebottom responded to the comments saying “My shows might not be for everyone and that is totally fine, but you will not use derogatory language to define what I do or what my place of employment is offering to the public.”

Buckaloo has been relieved of his position as Assistant Fire Chief pending the outcome of the department’s internal investigation.

“The department is proud of its long-standing history of protecting the community and will work diligently in restoring any confidence lost by Mr. Buckaloo’s comments.” an official statement from the Department said.